Past Galas

Between 2012 and 2021, Friends of IHES organized 7 Galas in New York City featuring distinguished speakers and renowned IHES faculty members.  Friends of IHES galas are a unique mix of science and enter­tainment, combining inspiring scientific presentations and the enjoyable moments of a social event. Outside of raising money to support American visitors at IHES, this Gala is the focal event for the IHES American network.

Each Gala features luminaries from around the world, the finest French cuisine and an exceptional level of conversation. For Friends of IHES corporate sponsors, it is a great opportunity to gather their collaborators, clients and business partners for an event that celebrates the adventure of science.

2021: Women in Fundamental Research

Location: Lotte New York Palace
Featuring: Guest of Honor Marilyn Simons and Keynote Speaker Janna Levin

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2019: Game Theory: The Science of Strategy

Location: Harvard Club
Featuring: Guest Speakers Costantinos Daskalakis and Neil A. Chriss

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2017: Breaking Boundaries: The Adventure of Artificial Intelligence

Location: Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse, Lincoln Center
Featuring: Guest Speakers Yann LeCun and Jennifer Chayes

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2015: Math and Games of Chance

Location: Pierre Hotel
Featuring: Guest Speakers Baroness Ingrid Daubechies and Richard Garriott de Cayeux

2014: Across Universes: Math & Physics Exploring Space

Location: Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Featuring: Guest Speakers Charles Simonyi and Thibault Damour

2013: Mathematics Mind of the Earth

Location: Pierre Hotel
Featuring: Guest Speakers Kenneth Golden and Jean-Louis Etienne

2012: Beauty and Mathematics

Location: Consulate of France in New York
Featuring: Guests of Honor James and Marilyn Simons